Cecil with Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder for AU Day of PoC Night Vale Week. His other personality’s name is Kevin.

Carlos keeps small notes about him in a journal, so he can tell them apart without asking. The entries go like this:

Kevin: very sarcastic and business-oriented, wears glasses with a square frame, far-sighted, likes tea. Bites thumb when concentrating(?). Loves reptiles. Cooks(!!!!) Likes sweets. Puns. Likes math. Into mouths. Crooked smile. DO NOT CALL KEV. Likes Steve Carlsberg.

Cecil: genuine and laid-back, wears glasses with an oval frame, near-sighted, likes coffee (puts salt in coffee). Plays with his hair when nervous. ((Caution: Gives surprises.)) Knows wilderness survival. Loves cats (buy Claritin) and dogs. Taps his feet unconsciously. Writer. Foot fetish (???) [further investigation needed] Hates Steve Carlsberg.

IMPORTANT NOTE: **both very very cute**

Warning: epilepsy warning, eye contact/scopophobia
I’d rather you not reblog my art than remove the warning, thank you.